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To further boost the partnership and growth with Dell Technologies, a new unit was established within Uptime Group (De Cronos Groep). Together with ePact,  another competence center from Uptime Group, UNIT-D will manage the Dell Technologies portfolio.

While ePact will continue to focus on Software Defined Solutions and Hybrid Cloud, UNIT-D will concentrate on AI, Data & Object Storage, and securing them with Dell Cyber Recovery Solutions.

This way, we offer an end-to-end solution for the Dell Data Platforms from Uptime Group.

END-TO-END offering


Artificial Intelligence

Leverage Dell Technologies to bring artificial intelligence to your data, accelerating your journey from potential to validation through cutting-edge technologies and professional services.

Scale-Out NAS

Efficiently manage and scale data storage across large enterprise environments by using PowerScale, a scale-out Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution.

Cyber Resilience Data Protection

Make use of PowerScale’s scale-out NAS capabilities, coupled with Cyber Resilience Data Protection, to integrate robust and secure data management solutions within your company.

Microsoft Azure Stack (HCI)

Microsoft Azure Stack (HCI), an integrated system that combines software-defined infrastructure with Azure services, enables seamless hybrid cloud operations in your on-premises environments.

Dell EMC ready stack for Red Hat

The Dell EMC Ready Stack for Red Hat offers you a pre-validated infrastructure solution that seamlessly integrates your Dell EMC hardware with Red Hat software for efficient deployment of Red Hat workloads such as OpenShift.

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